Ranch Steak 14-16 oz

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Ranch steak comes from the chuck primal cut, which is the cow’s shoulder. It’s lean and perfect for grilling, pan searing, and broiling.

Marinating ranch steaks is the best way to tenderize this lean meat, and even the simplest combination of herbs and spices will beautifully complement the intense beefy flavor of this cut.

This is part of the chuck area of the shoulder that is similar in texture to a sirloin steak with more of a beefy flavor. The shoulder area tends to be a bit tough which leads to a cut of meat that needs to be mechanical tenderized, marinated or slow-cooking to optimize the tenderness.

Ranch Steak is also known as Beef Shoulder Center, Boneless Chuck Shoulder Center Cut Steak, Ranch Cut, Shoulder Center Steak, Chuck Steak Center Cut or an Arm Steak. 

There are three primary ways to tenderize meat. 

Chemical Tenderizing – You will find Meat Tenderizer in the spice aisle at the grocery store.  This chemical helps break down the muscle fibers in the meat and results in a soft and tender meat. 

Mechanical tenderizing – Use a tenderizing butcher’s mallet to hammer the meat. It’s a blast if you have never tried it.  You can also poke the meat about 15-20 times with a fork, but seriously…Hammer Time! 

Marinating – A homemade marinade is my recommendation as you can adjust the ingredients and it adds a lot of flavor for a grilled dinner that you and your family will enjoy. 

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