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Welcome to Quincey Cattle Beef! We are a diversified cattle feeding operation located in North Central, Florida. Our operation was founded by Don Quincey in 1992 and since, with the help of knowledgeable employees, superior land management and quality cattle care we have grown in size and scope to accommodate many facets of the cattle industry. If you are ever in the area, stop in and see us. We would love to share our story and operation with you. In the meantime, take a quick tour of our site to see how we work with great cattle producers across the country to help make their operations successful.

Quality Beef Delivered to Your Restaurant, Market, or Home.

We are proud founders, members and distributors of Florida Cattle Ranchers, LLC beef products. This branded beef program is deeply rooted in Florida cattleman tradition with intentional focus on integrity and supporting our fellow cattle ranchers. All cattle are supplied by Florida cattlemen and fed to harvest in Levy County, Florida.

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Where to Find Quincey Products

The Beef Shop

Our products can be purchased directly on the farm. We offer a variety of USDA-inspected, individually-packaged beef cuts, along with other local Florida products

Beef Shop Hours

2350 NW 120th St.
Chiefland, FL
Mon-Fri, 8AM to 5PM
Sat. 9AM to 2PM
Sun. Closed

Delivery to Your Door

No minimum purchase required for UPS shipping. $299 minimum purchase required for white glove service delivery to your home or business within our delivery range via our personal mobile vehicle and staff.

See map of delivery zone.

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“The well-being of cattle in our care is top priority at Quincey Cattle Beef. All preconditioning cattle and developing replacement animals are kept on grass pastures, not dirt lots. It serves many purposes, safeguarding natural habitats, encouraging biodiversity in the landscape, all while providing adequate space and a more natural environment for the cattle.”

–Don Quincey

Quincey Feeding Programs

“We Employ a Solid Team of Cattle Professionals That Work in Harmony for the Good Of The Cattle.”

-Don Quincey

We provide a variety of services to meet producer targets and production goals.

What the cattle eat is very important to their health and well-being. We work with local farmers to produce a large portion of the ingredients of our rations and our consulting nutritionists formulate the best possible rations to meet the needs of each diverse group of cattle. We mix our own feed rations and operate a variation of feed trucks and wagons to provide a level of consistency and familiarity to our cattle. Predictability in routine minimizes cattle stress and improves overall performance.

Advantages of feeding with Quincey

  • Onsite feed mill and utilization of local commodities.
  • Environment- cattle are on grass pastures, maintaining a healthier lower dust environment
  • Up to date usage of industry technology- computerized performance and health data.
  • Flexibility, our goal is to meet your production goals and needs while ensuring quality care of your cattle.

Our Programs Include

  • Precondition program
  • Early wean program
  • Heifer development
  • Bull development
  • Retain to harvest