Feeding Quality Cattle in Chiefland Since 1992.
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Our Passion, Our Livelihood, Our Story

Quincey Cattle Company was started by owner and company president, Don Quincey, in 1992. The ideals of true love of the land and raising quality cattle was the very foundation that sparked the idea of our operation. Don has been around cattle for his whole life, his roots run deep in this area and the cattle industry. His father started long-standing business Chiefland Farm Supply, a still successfully operating farm and feed store.

When the opportunity to branch out from the feed store and cow-calf operations presented itself, Don took it, and he developed a longstanding relationship with Sparks Farm, a well-respected cattle producer in Memphis, Tennessee, by preconditioning Florida calves.

This relationship was just the start and while preconditioning cattle is still a large portion of our operation, we have grown in scope and size to encompass many facets of our beloved industry. From developing replacement heifers and bulls to feeding out cattle to harvest, we have adapted to meet the needs of fellow cattle producers.

Our employee base is made up of knowledgeable staff members that facilitate the company’s mission to provide quality nutrition and care to the cattle under our responsibility. We have beef cattle nutritionists and veterinarians on call to ensure that we are meeting the cattle’s needs to provide the best possible care.

Clayton Carter, Operations Manager, was Quincey Cattle Company’s very first employee and is still with us today. Clayton himself is deeply rooted in the area and has a rich heritage in Florida cattle ranching, his father, Eugene Carter was awarded the 2009 Florida Cattlemen’s Association Cowman award for his efforts in building White Cattle Operations in Levy County, which was one of the state’s largest cattle operations in the 70’s.


Our departments are led by a skilled management team, derived of many backgrounds that allow for forward thinking and emulate our brand’s core values.

The well-being of cattle in our care is top priority at Quincey Cattle Company. All preconditioning cattle and developing replacement animals are kept on grass pastures, not dirt lots. It serves many purposes, safeguarding natural habitats, encouraging biodiversity in the landscape, all while providing adequate space and a more natural environment for the cattle.

We are Beef Quality Assurance Certified, meaning that our team follows the cattle industry’s guidelines for care and handling of cattle, based on the producer code for cattle care. These guidelines address best management practices for nutrition, health care, housing, transportation and anything else that may concern the well-being of cattle.

What the cattle eat is very important to their health and well-being. We work with local farmers to produce a large portion of the ingredients of our rations and our consulting nutritionists formulate the best possible rations to meet the needs of each diverse group of cattle. We mix our own feed rations and operate a variation of feed trucks and wagons to provide a level of consistency and familiarity to our cattle. Predictability in routine minimizes cattle stress and improves overall performance.

Our company is more than just a business, it is a lifestyle that allows us to develop relationships with some of the finest cattle producers around the country, with the common goal of producing quality cattle.