Quincey Cattle Company Preconditioning Program

Advantages of using Quincey Cattle Company for your Preconditioning Program

  • Environment – Cattle are on pasture grasses not dirt lots.  Healthier environment with less dust
  • Low mortality and morbidity
  • Solid team of cattle professionals working in harmony for the good of the cattle.
  • Onsite feed mill and feed drivers
  • Use of industry technology.  With the use of flip camera/video phones, customers can receive instant photos and videos of animals as they offload onto the site or during preconditioning.

Day of Arrival: Cattle are processed according to customer’s specifications.


Standard program consists of the following:

  • Oneshot Ultra 8
  • Bovi-Shield Gold IBR-BVD
  • Inforce 3
  • Castration
  • Dehorned
  • Wormer (Dectomax or Ivomec Plus)
  • High Risk Calves receive Draxxin or Excede
  • Brand and ear tag per customer's orders


  • Medicine will be billed at cost plus 10%, and a $2.00 chute charge per head will apply
  • Upon arrival, cattle are put on a starter ration billed at our cost, as well as a $0.30 per head per day yardage fee
  • A health rider inspects cattle daily and doctors in pasture or pulls animals as needed
  • Standard procedure for doctoring cattle: Cattle are treated with Draxxin, Excede, or Baytril as well as Banamine. The antibiotic used during treatment is based upon mass treatment on arrival.
  • Cattle remain on starter ration until they are eating approximately 3% of their body weight per day
  • Cattle will then be transitioned to a least cost ration
  • Sale barn cattle are revaccinated 3-4 weeks after arrival per customer's request

Feed bills will be sent out on the 15th of the month and the last day of the month
Feed bills can be faxed or emailed
Please remit payment within 7 days of receiving the feed bill via FedEx.  Our FedEx account number wll be provided upon request. 

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