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Don Quincey

Chiefland StoreDon Quincey started Quincey Cattle Company in 1992, but his love for the land and raising quality cattle goes back much further.  Don’s father started Chiefland Farm Supply, a long-standing and still successful farm and feed store in the Central Florida area.  Don had been around cattle his whole life and when the opportunity presented itself to start preconditioning cattle for Sparks Farm, a well-respected cattle producer in Memphis, Don took it. 


He remembers the early days fondly.  "At that time it was just Clayton and myself and we did it all.  We fed, processed and doctored the cows on our own," Quincey said.

Clayton CarterClayton Carter, Quincey Cattle Company Operations Manager and very first employee, is still with him today.  Carter himself has a rich Florida cattle heritage as his father Eugene Carter helped build White Cattle operation in Levy, one of the largest in the state in the 70’s.  Clayton’s father was recently awarded the Florida Cattlemen’s Association Cowman award.  Press Play at right to watch the video.

Quincey Cattle Company has the capacity for 15,000 cattle and what sets them apart from other preconditioning operations is the environment says Don. 


Pasture"We raise the cattle in pastures, not paddocks and they are on grass, not in dirt lots," he said. 

Additionally, Quincey feels it is important to have a good team of knowledgeable cowmen on his operation and that includes a nutritionist that they call on to put together the best possible rations unique for various cattle lots.  In addition they mix their own feed and have their own feed trucks and drivers which allows a level of consistency not seen in many preconditioning operations.  The health riders (cowboys) constantly monitor the cattle and spot and address any health issues immediately.

Don Quincey also feels it is important to stay involved in industry issues, so much so he is actively involved in several statewide organizations.  Don currently serves as the chairman of the Suwannee River Water Management District.  He served as president of the Florida Cattlemen’s Association for the 2011-2012 term.




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